HC Integra Opens Its Doors

Embracing a New Chapter in Health: Lanzarote’s Innovative Integrative Medical Clinic

We’re beyond excited to bring a fresh perspective to healthcare in Lanzarote. HC Integra is an integrative medical clinic, designed to provide a well-rounded approach to health, which stands as a beacon of innovation in the local medical scene.

Our clinic is not your ordinary health facility. It’s a diverse hub of medical specialities, housing cardiology, dermatology, gynaecology, sports medicine, cosmetic medicine, family medicine, hyperbaric medicine, rheumatology, therapeutic massage, pediatrics, and alternative therapies under one roof.

But what truly sets us apart is our holistic and integrative perspective. We see you as more than just a set of symptoms: we strive to understand you as an individual, considering your habits, lifestyle, and personal needs. This mindset helps us develop a unique health plan, tailored just for you.

That’s where our integrative approach shines. If you step in for a cardiology or dermatology consultation, you’ll experience how we merge conventional treatments with lifestyle modifications. We don’t just prescribe medications; we guide you on managing stress and adopting a diet that enhances your wellbeing.

Our unique offerings don’t stop there. We’re proud to introduce hyperbaric medicine to Lanzarote in a brand new perspective. This innovative therapy, which uses pure oxygen to speed up the body’s healing process, is another testament to our commitment to holistic care.

Recognizing the crucial role of mental wellbeing in overall health, we’ve made sure to incorporate therapeutic massage and alternative therapies in our services. By aiding stress management and promoting overall wellness, these treatments play a pivotal role in our integrative approach.

The heart of our clinic, however, lies in our relationship with you. We’re not just healthcare providers: we’re your partners in health. We listen, understand, and work with you to ensure your healthcare experience is as unique as you are.

HC Integra is more than a healthcare facility: it’s a new vision for comprehensive, patient-centric care in Lanzarote. We warmly invite you to come and experience the difference this approach can make in your health journey.

We are here to listen, we are here to help.